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Website aims to connect vets with Connecticut jobs

Posted on November 13, 2011

A newly launched website will connect veterans with Connecticut jobs.

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman and Labor Commissioner Glenn Marshall have announced the launch of a website that will connect job-seeking military veterans and employers interested in hiring them.

According to The Bulletin, The HIRE VETS FIRST! Services to Employers website was created for Connecticut’s veterans, who have a hard time finding jobs after returning from active duty.

“Our military men and women deserve our support both when they are in uniform and when they return home,” Wyman said. “This website will be a very effective tool in helping our veterans use their skills to support themselves and their families.”

Marshall said the website will enhance outreach efforts by his department.

“This website will complement the work of our Office for Veterans’ Workforce Development staff – all veterans themselves – who will assist servicemen and women from all branches of the military transition back to civilian life,” Marshall told The Bulletin.

For more information, visit the HIRE VETS FIRST! Services to Employers website at http://www.ctvets.org.

Connecticut isn’t the only state reaching out to veterans. In Chicago, the Strive Group has announced its commitment to hire vets for Chicago jobs.