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Positive Energy hires for telemarketing jobs in Connecticut

Posted on February 27, 2011

Discount electricity provider Positive Energy Supply LLC announced it is recruiting for telemarketing jobs in Connecticut.

The company said it wants to hire at least 100 workers.

But there appears to be a few roadblocks preventing the company from enjoying complete success.

According to HartfordBusiness.com, Connecticut utility regulators say they are close to wrapping up their investigation into Positive Energy’s relationship with its customers and investors. In addition, the Connecticut Banking Department is awaiting payment of a $100,000 fine against Positive Energy President Joseph Ventura, stemming from his days as a mortgage broker.

But the president said neither issues are affecting current hiring plans.

When all is said and done and hiring is complete, ideally 82 workers will solicit subscribers in the new markets, while the other 48 handle customer-service matters.

Positive Energy is currently expanding into three more states, but the president won’t say which ones.